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Modular data center solution provider

Keydak is a provider of data center infrastructure solutions and products. Founded in 1999, we has a number of internationally leading automated production lines with more than 500 employees, including more than 80 senior technicians in R&D and project implementation.,.We also has two technical R&D centers for precision sheet metal and control systems. After years of accumulation,we has obtained the qualification of high-tech enterprises, and our products have obtained 35 technical certifications from authoritative organizations and more than 90 product technology patents. The existing main product lines include: modular data center solutions, data center rack systems, intelligent power distribution systems, data center infrastructure management systems, public monitoring systems, communication base station systems, industrial control cabinet systems…etc.


Keydak has a variety of imported high-end precision production equipment: CNC punching machine, laser cutting machine, bending center, robot welding, Golden Horse automatic spraying system, CNC automatic forming line, etc., scientific management, professional design, excellent equipment to ensure excellent Product quality and precise process.

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