Employee responsibility
Protect the interests of employees and enhance corporate cohesion

Keydak strives to ensure the protection of employees' various rights, which helps employees to become active participants from passive recipients of corporate culture, establish a good corporate image and build core competitiveness.We respect and protect our employees in a wide range of functional activities and build a harmonious internal environment, build an internal enterprise culture of mutual benefit, sharing & win-win on the basis of equality.We work hard to create an open corporate culture, motivate employees and strengthen corporate cohesion.


Create a good working environment and make your work warm

 Keydak takes the initiative to take responsibility for employees, attaches importance to employee happiness, and cultivates employees' "employability".While protecting the basic rights and interests of employees, we strive to provide a good working environment for our employees. Provide employees with insurance, work meal allowances, paid holidays, training and learning opportunities, employee rewards, free health check-ups, holiday bonuses, maternity and sickness condolences.

Keydak supports and respects internationally recognized human rights and will never participate in any act that ignores and tramples on the human rights of employees;We support the dominance of employees in negotiating with companies on wages and other benefits;Resolutely refrain from all forms of compulsory labor that jeopardizes employees' freedom of choice;Eliminate any discriminatory infringement of employees in terms of employment


Carry out training programs to let enterprises and employees work together

Keydak pays attention to the all-round cultivation of professional quality and professional ethics of employees, and insists on the development of independent intellectual property rights and the development of local R&D teams.Improving the overall quality of the workforce is an important way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and promote the development of enterprises, and it is also the fundamental interests of the employees.We carry out employee training in different forms from time to time, broaden the career of employees, improve work skills, increase team cohesion, and promote the common growth of enterprises and employees.


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