Fringe benefits
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To attract and motivate outstanding people, we will provide the following benefits to our employees:
  • social insurance
    pension + work injury + unemployment + fertility + major diseases + basic medical + complementary medicine
  • accident insurance
    When employees are injured by accident, this insurance adds more security and security to employees
  • Working allowance
    Working allowance + travel allowance + dorm allowance 
  • Paid vacation
    marriage leave + funeral leave + maternity leave + paternity leave + breastfeeding + annual leave + work-related injury + public holiday + sick leave
  • training
    We will organize internal training courses from time to time to improve the level of business and skills of our employees. 
  • Excellent staff awards
    travel abroad, bonuses, material rewards, etc.
  • staff activities
    birthday party, tourism, badminton, basketball and other recreational sports
  • health examination
    We organize a free medical examination every year to ensure that every employee is put into work with a healthy body.
  • traditional festival fee
  •  Birth consolation
    Visit and care for colleagues who have been hospitalized for birth and illness, and reflect humanized management.
  • year-end annual meeting
    Organize employees to go out and hold annual meetings
  • Cool drinks
    Every month from June to October, cool drinks are provided to field staff every month.


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